Jägermeister x King Saladeen

From the streets of West Philadelphia to the Berlin Wall, King Saladeen has made his mark on the world. His signature, JP the MoneyBear, can be seen everywhere – TV commercials, clothing collaborations, celebrity driven charity galas and in art galleries across the world.  Saladeen’s latest work of art is the Limited-Edition Jägermeister Masterpiece bottle. 

Jägermeister’s first-ever Meister bottle collaboration in the US is a stunning combination of two original paintings from King Saladeen, inspired by his trip to Germany where he toured Jägermeister’s Headquarters to see first-hand the artistry in crafting Jägermeister unique flavor from 56 botanicals, the brand’s exclusive race car collection, and the historic Berlin Wall.  It's an Ice Cold Masterpiece


Jägermeister Masterpiece Bottle

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